About me

I’ve been teaching for several years now, even if I stopped for a period of time due to other projects I addressed (I’ve been English and Spanish Interpreter, Director of Studies for a language academy, etc.) and, even if it might sound cliché, and they have given me a lot of great experiences, teaching is what I love the most. Your language objectives become mine and I do everything in my hands to help you to accomplish them.

What did my students say about my classes…

“Erika is a naturally intuitive, patient and caring teacher. I look forward to her lessons every week as I know they will be informative, challenging and well-designed to tailor to my needs as a Spanish learner. After trialing lessons with over ten different online teachers at the beginning of my search, I wholeheartedly recommend Erika as her unique and engaging lesson delivery was beyond any I had encountered before– I am so glad I found her to help me” 

Jessica, USA

“We started with Skype classes in October, once a week and after a few months we could communicate in Spanish-speaking countries. Lessons are passing in a very positive form, helping understand foreign language and learn new words. Homework help remind learn topics. We are satisfied with our lessons”

Victoria and Anastasia, Russia

“Olá, meu nome é Carolina, sou brasileira e moro em Brasília, Brasil. Trabalho com treinamentos em inglês, português e espanhol. Precisava de uma pessoa que pudesse me oferecer aulas de espanhol via skype e que pudesse também oferecê-las em horários flexíveis, foi aí que encontrei a Professora Erika. Uma excelente professora, com experiência em aulas no formato EAD, com disponibilidade de horários flexíveis e com ampla formação na língua espanhola, além é claro de pacotes de aulas acessíveis. Estou já em meu terceiro pacote, avancei bastante durante este período, me sinto mais confortável para escrever e falar em espanhol. Recomendo a professora Erika, estou muito satisfeita com ela, pois ela é além de uma ótima professora, uma pessoa muito agradável e excelente profissional”

Carolina, Brazil

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