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The easy way to learn Spanish from home is having Spanish Online Lessons.

Hello! my name is Erika. I received my ELE certification as a Spanish instructor in Spain and I specialize in one-to-one Spanish tutoring  all around the world through Skype

A native Spanish speaker from Peru, I currently live in Spain.  I am fluent in Spanish, English and Italian and, as a learner of languages myself I am able to understand better your needs and help you to overcome your difficulties, which I believe, you’re going to get around with the right methodology.

My methodology is based in the communicative approach, therefore, my classes are fun and full of speaking activities where you are going to produce your own ideas in Spanish since your first lesson.

During the past 10 years, I have been teaching English and Spanish in Italy, Peru and Spain  to both individuals and small business groups. My lessons are entirely student-centered and employ individualized strategies;  no matter the level, I work with you to achieve your goals. Whether beginner or advanced, a thorough assessment helps me determine your priorities, allowing me to customize your syllabus and program according to your own learning goals.

You might want to choose the plan that better fits your needs:

  • Private Spanish lessons.
  • Spanish intensive lessons packages.
  • Courses in business Spanish (interviews, presentation skills, negotiations, etc.).
  • Spanish conversation.
    Exam preparation for DELE (official Cervantes Institute Diploma of Spanish as a Second Language)

Skype Spanish lessons are specially convenient for who is:

  • Working away or home most of the time
  • Struggling to find enough time to attend a Spanish course
  • Unable to find a Spanish tutor that they actually like, or
  • Simply too tired to go out to your Spanish lessons after work

Using  tools as Edmodo or Google Docs,  you will be able to keep track of your studies and use your valuable time more efficiently.

You will not be alone during your learning process, I will be there to help you  understand any question that arises related to grammar or vocabulary, providing you the means to reach fluency and speak  a new, beautiful language.

For more information contact me to admin@ele-online.net

¡Hasta luego!